Amrita Holden’s 5 Incredible Tips to Mediate More Effectively

Remember to start with something you are grateful for.
Remember to start with something you are grateful for.

Why do people meditate?  For me personally meditation allows for a peaceful time of reflection.  I used to believe that in order to meditate the “right” way, you had to be in a special place, a zone, have candles lit– you get the idea.  Just recently I have learned a few simple tips that have truly helped  me to elevate my meditation results and provide me with greater harmony.  I am so excited to share them with my blog community:

1. Simple silence is the best.  The meditation music is a distraction.

2. When possible be outdoors, nothing beats taking in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying the elements.

3.Turn off technology.

4. As you start your meditation, focus on something you are truly grateful for.

5. Don’t worry about the length of your mediation time.  It can vary day to day, it’s just important to breathe deeply and  take in the moment.

To Your Success!