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IMG_4024Life is about finding balance. I am the busy mom of an amazing college student, who keeps me on my toes in awe and wonder of all she has accomplished and continues to accomplish. I have a wonderful and entirely supportive husband. My inspiration to strive, do more and encourage all around me stem from the joy my family brings to me each day. My mom is the foundation of all I am and hope to become. I run six businesses, and constantly search for ways to simplify, organize and achieve the most I can every day. I have a passion to entertain, find unique recipes and make them my own, help those I engage with to find their path in business and life, it’s all about giving the most you can. I have just finished by first e-book, “Ten Tips for Building My Brand in The U.S.A Get Noticed, Get Out Front, Branding Basics”. I am also founder of the Amrita Holden Media Group, we manage and create a digital portfolio which includes magazines, on-line TV shows, podcasts, and various blogs.
In addition I am working on a forthcoming book series titled, “The Art Of Gratitude Building A Life of Harmony & Balance”, A cookbook series and also my first business development book titled:
“Business Rape, You Never Saw it Coming and You Couldn’t Say No”.
I have a passion to find spirituality in all I do. Sharing ideas about all topics that inspire us to create a balanced and sustainable life is what I strive to incorporate in all my projects. This site and my blog are my platforms designed to empower you in finding fun, joy and balance in your life. I invite you to share, comment and help spread the movement of supporting and enriching one another.


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