Super Simple Kale and Red Cabbage Salad.

It’s been raining all afternoon here in lovely Southern California, yes I know… “It never rains in California….” but- today it did!  And,  I have to admit,  compared to the rest of the country we are wimps when we have a few drops of water falling from the sky.  For me days like this are usually set-aside for procrastination.  Not wanting to tempt fate or tradition, I kept the fates in check and never made it past the first three items on my to-do list.  In keeping with the monthly theme of March, and all that is green this month… Irish- I opted to experiment and create a delicious Kale salad.  This was one of the quickest and most simple creations I have done in a while.  I just used a couple of handfuls of cleaned and already torn Kale, pre-sliced red cabbage, chopped a handful of already peeled baby carrots and tossed everything with a tad of olive oil, a squeeze of a fresh lemon and of course  my home-made healthy dressing.  I make every week or so I make this zesty dressing and it can be used in a variety of recipes.  I am going to add this to my blog here in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, you can just toss with your favorite dressing, and season to taste with salt or as I prefer- Mrs. Dash’s salad seasoning. This salad also makes a quick side dish with grilled chicken for a busy dinner night.  Enjoy and keep creating your own culinary adventures!